Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Henry's room

Here's a few pictures of Henry's room.  I'd still like to paint another picture for behind the crib, but that will have to wait for just the right weekend when I can spare a few hours and be covered in paint for a while.

I got the idea for the bird mobile from this site, and was pleased to find I could make it without using the eyehooks they suggested.  Both Chris and I have done well in not yet poking out our eyes, but we don't want to move it up because we like how it looks.  We'll raise it up quite a bit when Henry can sit up on his own, and then when he's too old for it, we may just move it elsewhere in the house.  It represents many, many evening hours on the couch, handsewing stupid little birds.

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Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!!! Elizabeth, you are so creative.

Love, Mom